Old switch boards.

So I’m sure you all have see the Electrical Safety Office here in Queensland running the dolls house add for safety switches. There is no doubt that safety switches save life’s, and like smoke detectors the more the merrier. As an electrical contractor I come accross many old switch boards. Some are just as they were when they first were first (including no safety switches) If you have something like either of these two my best advice would be to contact your local electrical contractor. Others like this board Have one safety switch “as in Dolly’s house only protecting the power circuits”. Whilst we cannot make you install safety switches it is always in your best interest to upgrade to the most recent models of safety switches. Look at it this way not so long ago people had never heard of an air bags in cars. Now days most of us own cars with multiple air bags. So if you are planning a renovation, maybe adding some air conditioning for the upcoming summer do yourself a favour and consult with your electrical contractor / electrician. And remember if it hasn’t got a test button it’s not a safety switch! Bris Power Pty...

Fake tradies are ruining the trade.

I have always tried to be honest, trades person my customers have always asked me back and my business has supported my family for five years. I’m glad A Current Affair have highlighted the current situation for legitimate trades people. We all like to save a dollar or two but if the quote for the work you want completed is drastically cheaper than the rest please ask to see the relevant licence. Your life/property are not worth it, sure you can buy the products any where and have a go yourself but is it worth the risk? Make sure you get three quotes and please ask to see licencing details every ligtimate tradie will be more than glad to show you. Remember there is no such thing as DIY electrical work in your insurance policy!...

Pug up this winter.

Some good advice from Energex on how to keep warm this winter. Pug up this winter https://plus.google.com/116109408998686151431/posts/DhkzWuRTjb4

New Community Lighting

The previous lights on this beach front tower had become unsightly due to years of salt air exposure. Solution polycarbonate light fittings fitted with long lasting power saving LED lamps.

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